The name really does say it all.

Running a business is a stressful endeavor, no matter what. You’ve got a million details to manage every
day even before you add customers into the mix, and keeping an eye on all of that can be overwhelming.  It’s even worse when you have to send work out to a vendor, because you can’t control that work.

No Stress Printing understands.

We offer individual attention to each and every client. We understand that every job is different.  
Every job requires our full focus in order to deliver exactly what the client wants and needs. Once you pass your work on to us, our responsibility is to not only give you a product that exceeds your expectations, but to do so in a way that eliminates stress from the process completely for you.

We live in a remarkable cultural moment, and as the marijuana industry in America explodes, there are service
industries that have to evolve to help support them. We not only welcome the marijuana industry, we have experience in  the specific demands that come with creating top-notch packaging that passes industry standards. Packaging,  brochures, postcards, bottles… the needs are many, and we are here to help.

If you can imagine something printed on it, we can get it done, and if we can’t, we can find the people who can.  
We are here to take your ideas and turn them into action.

And we’re here to make it easy on you.

All you have to do is call us and experience the difference it makes when there’s No Stress.

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 File Submission Guidelines 

We can output your files from PC or Mac platforms.
Please adhere to the following guidelines for submitting your digital files.

 Offset Printing... 

  • Make sure all FONTS and supporting GRAPHICS are loaded. 

  • Whenever possible, please include a hard copy output. 

  • Please allow 1/4" margins on items (1/8" for business cards). If artwork bleeds, make sure bleeds are at least 1/8" -- text and graphics still need to follow the margin guidelines. 

  • If printing multiple SPOT colors, please pick specific PMS colors when creating your file. NEVER use RGB colors! 

  • Scanned images should be at least 300 dpi for photos, and 1200 dpi for lineart and text. If printing 4-color process, please make sure images are saved as CMYK .tif or .eps files.


 B/W & Color Laser Output... 

  • Make sure all FONTS and supporting GRAPHICS are loaded. 

  • Whenever possible, please include a hard copy output. 

  • Please allow at least 1/4" margins (preferrably 3/8"). Our copiers cannot run paper sizes larger than 13 x 19 -- only sizes smaller than 12.5 x 18.5 may bleed. 

  • Make sure scanned images are at least 300 dpi for photos and 800 dpi for lineart. 

  • RGB, SPOT, and CMYK colors are acceptable for color output, HOWEVER, because our machines automatically convert colors to CMYK, color matching cannot be guaranteed for spot and RGB colors.